Pani & Martin – Order, Chaos & Beauty

Kunsthuis Leiden, Nieuwstraat 35

03.06.2023 - 25.06.2023

Order, Chaos, and Beauty

The exhibition of Daniel Martin and Santiago Pani, where two very distinct artistic visions converge to create a dialogue that challenges our perception of the  visual experience. Having collaborated on various projects and shared an atelier, Daniel and Santiago naturally evolved into creating art together. This exhibition features a collection of fully collaborative artworks, reflecting the creatived prowess of both artists.

During Museumnacht Leiden the exhibition opened with a spectacular programm. Many enjoyed this rare opportunity to witness the harmonious fusion of art and technology, and immersed themselves with a lasting impression.


For all available artworks please have a look at the Artistpage of Santiago Pani & Daniel Martin

Over the past few years, the duo has delved into emerging technologies and innovative techniques, leading to the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) within their artistic process. By overlaying a  digital layer onto each painting, they offer viewers a novel and interactive way to engage with the artwork and its surrounding space. Experience the transformative power of “Order, Chaos, and  Beauty” as you immerse yourself in this groundbreaking fusion of art and technology.

‘Order, Chaos, and Beauty’ – a captivating exhibition where art and technology merge to create an unforgettable experience. As you approach the gallery, prepare to be mesmerized by the transformation of its exterior facade into a breathtaking work of art. With the aid of cutting-edge projection mapping technology, the artists extend the paintings from within the gallery to the outside, breathing life into the building through dynamic and immersive visuals.


Daniel Martin and Santiago Pani live and work in Leiden/ Leiderdorp. Their work has been extensively exhibited nationally and internationally in various cities including New York, London, Barcelona, Milaan, Mexico city, Havana and Kuwait city. Santiago and Daniel have a long-standing collaborative history, which can be seen in the artworks, boasting each of their individual marks that they have created together over the years. In addition, they are both co-founders of the artists’ initiative Arthouse which organizes projects aimed at promoting collaborative efforts and meaningful real-life encounters between international artists such as Sketchx4 and 1606.


Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin (1982) lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. Over the past years, his work has  been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. His work is characterized by brisk powerful strokes, intertwined with finely painted elements. Inspired by the imperfection of beauty and the chaos of nature, his most recent body of work is centered around anonymous portraits which exude a disturbing yet intriguing aura as well as his recognizable deliberately-cultivated spontaneity.

Santiago Pani

Santiago Pani (1990), is a Mexican artist, living and working in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. He is currently focused on his portrait series “Personal Universe” which has been in the works for over a decade. This series features a vast body of recognizable mixed-media paintings, sculptures and varied digital works, which have been exhibited in numerous cities around the globe. This work is inspired by anonymous characters and memories of people stored in the subconscious, and the idea that these anonymous characters are sporadically recalled by our minds to interact and influence our story once again.



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