Cameron Yarrow, 2003, is a British photographer combining his passion for photography with other areas of interest, including sport, social dynamics and the natural world. He was part of a group of photographers who came together in a campaign to raise over $1 million for African Parks Network in support of the issues they are facing due to the pandemic. Cameron’s work resides in galleries and homes in both Europe and the USA and has been featured most notably by the National Geographic and through his partnership with Nikon’s mirrorless systems.

In the summer of 2018 high up in the tundra of Alaska, in miserable weather conditions, Cameron took a picture of a rushing bear that caught International attention and admiration. He went onto to win the National Geographic “Top Shot” competition with this image. In 2019, the young photographer’s work matured further and got him from wild bears in Alaska to working with lions and elephants in Tanzania to standing eye-to-eye with Bengal tigers in India. In the pursuit of the perfect frame Cameron is quickly learning to master the challenge of photographing wild animals at close range. He has been thought to be critical in his analysis of his work and working with top end Nikon equipment ensures strong resolution and clarity. Only when compositional tightness and perfect timing come together the result satisfies the young talent and it is this self-criticism that makes his photo’s stand out.

Cameron Yarrow has a passion and dedication for the trade and his portfolio is gradually growing with outstanding strong and technically perfect images.





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