Santiago Pani

Santiago Pani (1990) born in Mexico City, lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. He grew up in Tequisquiapan, a small village two hours away from Mexico City, where his dad, Knut Pani, is an established Artist. Santiago grew up surrounded by artists and becoming one was always in his plan. He studied art at ENPEG (Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado) better known as La Esmeralda, in México City.

Since very early in his career Santiago had a clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish; Transcending and being recognized has always been in his mind, also he has been constantly searching for a pictorial language which can be recognized as his own.

Santiago Pani: ‘Recently I have focused on the portrait series “Personal Universe”, which is inspired by anonymous characters and memories of people stored in our subconscious throughout our lives and the idea that sometimes while awake and other times during our dreams, these anonymous visitors will be recalled by our minds to interact and influence our story once again. Lately I have found myself very connected to this concepts and ideas, which makes the production of these pieces very organic and visceral.’

7 kunstwerken gevonden
7 kunstwerken gevonden

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